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Bathroom wall of custom storage, white cabinets, vanity

Custom Storage for Your New Luxury Bathroom

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project you may have picked out the perfect flooring, countertop, and shower materials already. How long will your bathroom stay picture perfect if you aren’t able to keep it organized? The latest bathrooms are filled with customized storage options, so that your beautiful new granite countertop and custom-tiled shower can remain relatively clutter free.

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luxury bathroom double vanity

Transforming a Dated Bathroom into a Luxury Bathroom

Whether your bathroom has a dysfunctional layout, or it is just outdated and needs a new look, luxury bathroom remodels are a coveted remodeling project among homeowners. Not only are bathroom remodels popular, but they also bring significant happiness and satisfaction…

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contractor working in home

How Do You Hire a Dependable Contractor?

Most of us have heard at least one nightmare story from a friend or family member about a home remodeling project gone awry. For most homeowners, their home is the largest investment they make: it makes sense to take the time for some research before entrusting someone to work on your house. If you are […]

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marble counter, minalist kitchen design

Minimalist Kitchen Design for Functionality

One of the latest trends in interior design is minimalist kitchen design. Not only are streamlined kitchens attractive to millennials, but they are also often preferred by retirees. Convenient, simply appointed, and low-maintenance rooms have universal appeal. The more technology we have access to, the more we grow accustomed to simplifying our lives and the […]

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Universal design bathroom, accessible shower, vanity, hand grips

Universal Bathroom Design: Access & Beauty

Do you or someone in your household need a universal bathroom design? Many homeowners are choosing to go the route of hiring a Certified Aging in Place Specialist when remodeling their homes. These types of universal design modifications are more expensive to have installed later. During a renovation or remodel, it makes sense to confront […]

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case full of money

Do You Know Your Financing Options for a Home Remodel?

If you have been considering various remodeling projects needed in your home, perhaps the one hesitation you have is I have no idea how I’m going to pay for this all at once. It’s hard to decide what sort of renovation you can realistically complete when you don’t have a liquid amount of money matching your project estimate. If you are in the process of getting estimates for a job, ideally you know how much you can afford to finance and possibly even have financing in place.

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How Do I Find a Good Contractor After a Storm?

If your home sustains damage during a storm, where do you turn? How do you select an honest and professional contractor who has the ability to repair any damage, leaving your home better than before the storm hit? Here are some tips on how to hire a trustworthy contractor after sustaining storm damage on your property.

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Remodeling? Select Cabinets that Streamline Your Kitchen

When considering new cabinetry during a remodel, there are boundless storage solutions to make life easier and keep your counters free of clutter so that waste is minimized, and your kitchen workspace is as usable and pleasing to the eye as possible.

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