How To Avoid Remodeling Mistakes

Avoiding these remodeling mistakes, you will save yourself time, money and headaches.

Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or simply upgrading a kitchen light fixture, read this important advice before you begin.


It’s very helpful to have a vision and goals or for your remodeling project, so a plan can be established for your project. Is the overall goal to simply add more of a luxury look and feel, to create more usable living space, or both? Understanding your goals will help you make better decisions when you later come to important crossroads, having to choose between fashion and function or choosing the right fixtures to meet your needs. Having a goal or clear vision in mind for the finished project will also help you ensure that the project is viable. It is important to us that we are meeting the wants and needs of your family. Goals will also help you stay on track for season projects such as summer kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, pools and patios. For jobs requiring multiple subcontractors, it’s important to time their interactions just right to avoid extra fees and delays.


Although many people are confident enough to make small repairs around the house, and home improvement stores offer much support and encouragement for do-it-yourself projects, some tasks should only be handled by professionals. Skilled tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters and others, attend school and work as apprentices for years in order to learn the skills and tactics to keep themselves safe as well as get the job done right the first time. Don’t leave the integrity of your home in the hands of a “Handy Man” or risk electrocution or flooding to save a professional service fee. Call a professional anytime your home’s electricity, plumbing, gas lines, or HVAC are involved. Or work with a professional remodeling contractor, like C.O.D. Home Services LLC., to manage these relationships for you.


Choosing the right contractor can be a challenge, but just a few simple steps can all but guarantee you end up with an honest, reputable, respectful and hardworking company. First, ensure the contractor is licensed and insured. Nothing is worse that a remodeling disaster that only results in the blame game with no solutions in sight. A licensed & insured contractor will have insurance that will make things right again if any disasters lie ahead. After a hurricane or similar situation when demand is high and fly-by-night operations start popping up, be especially vigilant about verifying insurance coverage before hiring a contractor.


Always ask for references and be sure your contractor has performed this type of work before and has many happy clients to show for it. Take the time to contact a few of the references and ask questions about the quality of work and other details that are important to you. This will help you make sure that your contractor has the knowledge and experience to see your project to completion and will not leave you with a “Catch a Contractor” story of your own.

With these simple tips, you can plan and execute a successful remodeling project and enjoy the finished product for years to come. Contact C.O.D. Home Services LLC. for a free consultation and help planning your next project today.

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