3 Incredible Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

Woman and 2 little girls cooking together and enjoying the benefits of a kitchen remodel

You may be itching for a new kitchen because you want something more modern and better suited for entertaining, but did you know there are quite a few other benefits to kitchen remodeling?

It’s true! Not only will your house look better, but you’ll be amazed at some of the improvements you’ll notice once your kitchen remodel is complete.

So, what are the benefits of a kitchen remodel? Let’s take a look!

Healthier Lifestyle

Having a brand-new, beautiful kitchen will improve your health and lifestyle in a few ways. First, you’ll be more inclined to cook meals at home.

But why is cooking at home healthier than going out? In addition to using more high-calorie and high-fat ingredients, restaurants aren’t as clean as your home should be.

Personal hygiene in the kitchen should be taken very seriously, and you won’t be 100% sure a restaurant is clean, which can lead to illness. When remodeling a kitchen, you can focus on basic rules of safety and hygiene in the kitchen. That means you could include features that take health and safety into consideration.

For example, you could install antimicrobial countertops, like quartz, which can help prevent the spread of norovirus, salmonella, and e-coli.

Lastly, you could also upgrade your kitchen ventilation which improves the health and safety of your home. Cooking releases a lot of fumes into the air, and without proper ventilation, those fumes can cause cancer and respiratory illness. Kitchen ventilation will also reduce odors in your kitchen and stop grease and grime from forming on the surfaces in your home.

You’ll Save Money by Staying Home

A brand-new kitchen, complete with updated appliances and plenty of counter space to prepare meals, should motivate you to cook at home. Even though the prices at the grocery store have increased tremendously, eating at home is still cheaper than going out.

Not only will you see a decrease in your food bill, but you’ll also find yourself spending more time with your family – a win-win!

Increased Home Value

Ask any Realtor you know; Kitchens sell homes. Experts say that most homebuyers placed the kitchen in their top three spaces of the home; that’s a big deal! In other words, if buyers don’t love your kitchen, it may take longer to sell your home and for a lower price.

There’s no way to know exactly what the ROI on a kitchen renovation will be; many factors play into that number, but homes with upgraded kitchens tend to sell faster than homes with old, out-of-date kitchens.

Even if the rest of your home could use a little updating, having a newly remodeled kitchen will help your home stand out from the crowd when it comes time to sell. Want to see the benefits of a kitchen remodel for yourself? Give us a call if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen. We can discuss your project in detail and make sure you get exactly what you want.

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