How to Add Color to Your All-White Kitchen

Large kitchen interior with granite countertops and light blue walls

It has taken a while to come to terms with the fact that the all-white kitchen is on its way out of style. If you still love your all-white kitchen, that’s fine – but if you’re ready to slowly start bringing some color into your cooking space, here are some tips for you.

Switch out the backsplash

Taking out your white subway tile and replacing it with something more colorful is a great way to refresh your kitchen. Backsplashes are a fun place to show your personality, and there are no “rules” regarding what you can and can’t include.

If you’re looking for a trendy backsplash, you could install a square-shaped tile in bold orange or green. If that’s a bit much, you can play it safe with marble or zellige tile. Those choices may not add much in terms of color, but they will give your space an updated, glamorous feel.

Remove your upper cabinets

Ready to make your kitchen look more open and spacious? You could remove your upper cabinets and either add shelving or leave the space bare. If you have brag-worthy dishes, installing shelves to display your plates and glassware will be a nice touch and an easy way to add color to your all-white kitchen.

If you leave the space open, you could extend the backsplash up the wall for a more dramatic look.

Using darker colored base cabinets like these are an excellent way to add color to your all-shite kitchen

Add painted lower cabinets

Replacing your white lower cabinets with a blue, green, or dark wood will be a great way to introduce color into your kitchen.

The contrast in colors will make your space look interesting and more modern. Who knows, you may love them so much that you’ll want to change the entire color scheme!

Add contrast with wallpaper

If you have a blank space in your kitchen that you aren’t sure what to do with, add some wallpaper. The addition of wallpaper will immediately add a new style to your space.

You could go for a very feminine floral pattern or do something bold with bright colors and shapes. Whatever you choose, you will be amazed at how such a small addition can make a big difference!

Install a dramatic range hood

One thing about the all-white kitchen is that it’s very safe from a design standpoint. There isn’t one feature that draws that eye in, so why not make things interesting with an oversized, dramatic range hood?

A range with reclaimed wood or metal details will become the focal point of your kitchen and liven the space up. The range hood is also an essential feature of the kitchen, so it’s not a bad idea to upgrade to a range hood with the latest technology and safety features.

Make a statement with your countertops

If there’s only one fixture in your all-white kitchen you update, make it the countertops. Even if you just upgrade to a slab of marble with darker veins, it will add more color to your kitchen and be the gateway to upgrading the rest of the fixtures.

If you’re ready for a change and want to make a statement, go for a dark marble slab to make the kitchen feel more luxurious. You can install a wooden slab for your countertops if you want a more earthy feel. Wood is very versatile and can work with a farmhouse or modern-style space. Are you ready to leave the all-white kitchen behind? Whether you’re planning a subtle change or are hoping to redesign your entire space, we are here to help. Give us a call so we can get to work!

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