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Homebrewing and Remodeling

What’s Your Hobby?

Hobbies are not only booming again in homes, communities, cities, towns, and waterways across the USA, they are taking center stage in the home remodeling business. Your special hobby space not only takes up space in your home or estate, it certainly adds a well-worth investment to your emotional wellbeing.

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Middle-aged couple sitting in unfinished living room planning to remodel

How to plan your remodeling project in 2024

If remodeling your home is part of your 2024 plans, there are a few steps you should take before getting started. Here are some tips from past clients and our own experiences that will guide you through the home renovation process. Prioritize The first step of a home remodeling project should be prioritizing the features […]

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Vacation home maintenance

It’s Time For Maintenance On Your Vacation Home

It may be cold and gloomy outside now, but before you know it, the busy beach season will be here. Now is the time for some maintenance to start getting your rental ready. Your guests will be amazed and are more likely to leave you five-star reviews. Here are some things you can do now […]

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U-shaped kitchen with island in the middle

The Best Kitchen Layouts: Redesigning Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen layout work for you, or against you? What kind of kitchen layout will work best for you? If you are remodeling your kitchen, it’s an ideal time to change the layout. Here are some options to consider.

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Tips for Owning a Vacation Rental Home

For years you dreamed of owning a vacation home at the beach, maybe even in Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, or some other part of Carteret County. But now that you have one, you find you don’t use it as much as you thought you would. Why not rent it every now and then to make […]

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5 Things to Know About Building on the Coast

Building a home on the North Carolina coast is a dream come true. The fresh air, beautiful views, and easy access to endless beach days sound amazing. But before you get started, there are some things you should know about living near the ocean. Salt Air Means More Maintenance Salt is tough on siding, windows, […]

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C.O.D. Can Improve Your Bath with a Custom Shower

The bathroom is one of the most commonly remodeled rooms, second only to kitchens. It’s a room we use every day and a properly designed bathroom can have a big impact on your life. One of the best ways to make a major change in the bathroom is with a new shower, and there are […]

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Challenges of remodeling and building waterfront homes

Building or remodeling a house near the water presents its own special challenges.  If you’re looking to undertake a project on your waterfront home, you need to make sure you work with a qualified local contractor, experienced in the unique challenges of our North Carolina coastal areas. C.O.D. Home Services is located right here in […]

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A newly remodeled luxury kitchen.

May is National Home Remodeling Month

Every May, the construction industry celebrates National Home Remodeling Month, so what better time to consider your next remodeling project? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, improve your bathroom, or add on to your home, C.O.D. Home Services is ready to help! Now more than ever, it’s important to choose a professional, trusted remodeler. […]

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2 glittery hearts for Valentine's Day

5 Tips for Surviving Remodeling Projects Together

Before you hire a contractor, here are some ways to keep the peace with your other half through a home remodeling or building project.

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