Home Design Trends Taking Over In 2024

Warm tones, such as used in this modern bathroom interior, are one of the home design trends for 2024

We’ve just about reached the end of the year, which means it is time to look ahead to 2024. We’ve scrolled social media and read dozens of home design blogs to discover what we think will be the biggest trends in home design and remodeling in the coming year.

Warm Tones

The cool grays and whites that have been popular are making way for warmer tones. These shades are being used all over the house, including the paint on the walls, the cabinets in the kitchen, and the flooring in the bathroom.

Warm tones like terra cotta, mossy green, and shades of brown make a space look cozy and inviting. These colors are another example of bringing nature into the home since so many of the most popular shades can be found outside your window.

Home design trend of using eclectic chadeliers in your home, like this glass leaf design

Eclectic Chandeliers

As color becomes more widely used in home design trends, it’s not really a surprise that the trend is heading up to the ceiling as well. Eclectic glass chandeliers are slowly starting to grow in popularity and can create a unique focal point in your living area.

If you want to incorporate this trend into your home, Murano glass chandeliers will make a striking addition. These dramatic chandeliers look like pieces of art and would look good in a dining room or an entryway.

Accessible Spaces

When building a new space or doing a complete remodel, keeping accessibility in mind is essential. An accessible space is one where people with mobility issues can be more independent and reduce their risk of falls or other problems. These spaces are becoming the standard instead of being added if or when needed.

One example of an accessible space we expect to see more of is a zero-grade walk-in shower. This type of shower has been popular for years, but we expect this to be the standard style of walk-in showers. Removing the step into the shower makes the space more accessible for someone who requires a walker and also looks more sleek. Having a shower large enough to include an easy-to-access bench or shower seat is also a great idea.

Natural Materials

As sustainability becomes more of a focus for many of us, we expect to see more natural materials used throughout the home. Natural materials are also a great way to bring nature into your home, which creates a warm and inviting environment.

For flooring, you could choose bamboo since it is a fast-growing and renewable resource or stone like travertine or flagstone. If you’re looking to tile a shower or install a new kitchen backsplash, consider using recycled glass tiles.

Wall murals, like this yellow flower mural, are the next home design trend
Stylish interior of room with armchair and beautiful flowers on wall


A surprising new trend is to include a mural in your home design. We have seen more and more of these creative designs on social media, and when done tastefully, they can elevate a space.

Murals can be an excellent addition to any room with a large, empty wall that is challenging to decorate. This doesn’t have to be a big, bold painting – it can be a world map in your home office or a jungle-themed mural in your kid’s room. The possibilities are endless; just choose something that looks like your style, and your space will instantly have more character.

What 2024 home trend prediction do you like the most? Which will be out of style by the end of the year? Let us know!

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