5 Things to Know About Building on the Coast

Building a home on the North Carolina coast is a dream come true. The fresh air, beautiful views, and easy access to endless beach days sound amazing.

But before you get started, there are some things you should know about living near the ocean.

Salt Air Means More Maintenance

Salt is tough on siding, windows, AC units, and other household systems. Your windows will need to be cleaned more often to avoid them getting coated in salt build-up, which can cause your windows to deteriorate.

If your windows already have quite a bit of build-up, you may have no other choice than to have them replaced. 

It is crucial to have your AC unit serviced each year, no matter where you live, but it goes double if you live near the coast. During the service, a technician will check for signs of corrosion and salt build-up which frequently happens in oceanside communities.


It’s no secret that hurricanes are always a possibility on the North Carolina coast. That means that homes have to be built higher and stronger.

Your home needs to have high-impact windows that can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. Having windows that won’t shatter will also protect your home from excessive water intrusion and damage. You may also consider installing storm shutters to block wind and water.

You may notice that many North Carolina beach houses are on stilts. This is a smart move since it will protect against flooding that can occur during a hurricane.

If you have a custom home built, especially if you’re on one of the barrier islands, building the house on stilts is a must. You’ll just have to be prepared to climb stairs to get in your home, although elevators can be an option to help you carry in groceries or other heavy items.

Influx of Tourists in The Summer

Living near the ocean has tons of perks, but the influx of tourists in the summer is something you’ll also need to be prepared for.

Chances are you’ve been one of those tourists before you decided to build here, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Still many new residents might not be prepared for the amount of people that pour in every Saturday, resulting in traffic and parking problems.

For that reason, you will want to consider including a private garage space in your home, so you can be sure you’ll always have a place to park when you get home.

Watch Out for Mold

With the increased humidity comes the increased risk of mold. You may want to consider having a whole-house de-humidifier installed as part of your HVAC in order to prevent this.

You should also make sure to regularly wipe down surfaces to prevent mildew or mold. Cabinets are especially vulnerable to mold problems, so make sure to keep them clean and aired out as much as possible. 

Lack of Outdoor Space

While many homes have gorgeous ocean views, they usually do not have a ton of outdoor space.

Many homeowners will have us build a deck where they can include an outdoor kitchen and seating or entertainment area. This space can have ocean views and be the ultimate social gathering area.

Since you are near the ocean, we will make sure the deck is properly sealed to hold up to the salty sea air. For best results, we recommend having your deck resealed each year.

In our view, there’s nothing better than living near the sea, and being aware of some of the compromises will ensure you enjoy your beach house to the fullest. Whether you’re building a brand new house or need to make changes to an existing one, we are here to help you through the process. Call us to schedule a consultation.

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