6 Smart Home Upgrades for your Remodel

Smart Home Remodel

We’ve all been spending more time at home the last several months. And while the future is uncertain, there’s probably plenty more working at home, remote learning and social distancing to come. With all that in mind, we’re all looking to make our homes easier to use by integrating smart features.

For our custom home customers, we can start from the beginning with integrating technology into your home. But the good news is that you don’t have to buy a new home to get the latest smart home features. A smart contractor can help you bring those features into your existing home as part of a remodeling project. Besides making your life easier, these smart home upgrades can also help increase the resale value of your home.

If you plan to install multiple smart home products, there are a number of different systems that can work as the “hub” of your smart home. It’s important to select elements to be compatible with whatever control you select. A professional remodeler like C.O.D. Home Services can help you find the right solution for your home and make sure all of the features work well together.

Here are some of the most popular smart home upgrades:

1. Lighting

Lighting is probably the easiest place to start with smart home upgrades. Lighting that you can control with your voice or phone app is only a tap away. Smart bulbs that can be controlled individually are one option, but so are more complex lighting systems. Smart light switches are an option if you are looking to control large collections of lights. Programmable light systems can control your lighting when you’re out of town to help the home look occupied.

2. Voice control

We’ve all gotten used to voice control systems like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home. Those smart speakers can integrate with many of the leading home automation systems to control your lighting, your thermostat and more.

3. Smart thermostats

Thermostats that you can control remotely offer multiple benefits. Besides ease of use, smart thermostats can also offer big energy savings. When used properly, studies show that smart thermostats can save a homeowner more than $100 a year. During a renovation you can also take the opportunity to install additional temperature sensors throughout the home to better allow you to monitor and control your climate.

4. WiFi enabled appliances

Connected appliances can bring a new level of convenience to your life: turn on your oven with your voice, monitor your refrigerator and food quality remotely or schedule a new order of dishwasher pods. Internet-connected appliances can make it easier to diagnose problems with the units as well as track energy usage.

5. USB outlets

Your remodeling project is the perfect opportunity to rethink your outlets and connections. Most homes no longer need a phone jack in every room, but how about USB outlets? Adding these connections can make it easier to charge the ubiquitous smart phones and tablets.

6. Home security

Cameras, door sensors, smart locks – they can all be part of your smart home remodel. By remotely controlling your entryways, there’s no need to make extra copies of your housekey. Instead you can let kids in after school and control entry by contractors or delivery people. Integrating all of these features into one smart hub can bring convenience to your security system.

Ready to improve the technology in your home and make your life easier? Contact C.O.D. Home Services today to discuss your construction needs!

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