Detached Garage: Make it Multi-Functional

Detached garage with room above

If you have the land, adding a detached garage can be a great place to store things like a riding mower, a boat, or extra cars.

But as long as you’re building the garage, why not make the most of it and make it a multi-functional structure?

Here are some ideas of how to use a detached garage space


You can build a detached garage with enough space for your woodworking, machining or auto repair workshop. You can install customizable wall shelving for your tools, a car lift, a workbench or two depending on your needs, and of course, make sure the space is wired to suit the electrical requirements of your machinery.

The carpenter works with lumber

Guest Suite Above Detached Garage

If you can, building a guest suite with a bedroom and bathroom would be a great use of space.

You could use this to host friends or family who may need a little extra privacy. Guest suites can be located on the second level above the main garage space, or on the ground level, complete with a small patio and outdoor living space.

Garden Shed

If you enjoy gardening, using space in your detached garage to store all of your gardening gadgets would be a good idea. Not only could you hold your shovels and shears, but you could also install shelves and LED lighting to help with your seed starts.

We could also install a potting bench so you can easily and comfortably get all your seeds ready to go for the season.

The garden shed doesn’t have to be as large of a space as the other options, but having this extra room to get organized and store all of your garden goodies will be functional and make your gardening prep work so much more enjoyable. 

gardening tools

Entertainment Space

Imagine the fun you’d have if you were to turn your detached garage into the best sports bar in town. You could install a big screen tv with seating for all of your friends. To make the most of this space you should include a small kitchen and bar area, so you don’t have to walk back and forth to the main house to get your food and drinks. It’s even possible to have your own beer taps!

A ‘man-cave’ or ‘she-shed’ style area can let you get away without actually leaving the house. This space is used to give you some extra peace and quiet while doing your favorite activities, no matter what that is. Whether you spend your free time doing yoga, painting, tying flies for fishing, or you just want a comfortable place to read or watch the game, we can make it happen. 

Home Office

Working from home has many benefits, like not sitting in morning traffic and being able to wear sweatpants every day but it can also be very distracting. Building a home office that is separate from the rest of the house can be an excellent way to help you stay on task during the day.

Your personalized home office can include a small kitchen area to prepare lunch and snacks, a spot with a favorite chair where you can relax during break times, and an outdoor space to let you get some fresh air and see your pets during the workday.

You’ll love this space so much you won’t want to log off and go back to your main house!

However you decide to use your detached garage space, we can make it happen. We would be happy to meet with you for a no-obligation consultation to discover your wants and needs. Give us a call to get started.

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