Do You Know the Top Bathroom Trends of 2020?

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your bathroom, you’re not alone. It’s one of the most common types of remodeling projects we take on for our clients.

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes time to remodel your bathroom, and it’s important to customize your project to how you live. While we would never tell you to just follow the trends, it can be useful to see what other homeowners are opting for.

Online home renovation and design platform Houzz recently released its 2020 Bathroom Trends Study, based on surveys of more than 1,600 homeowners who are remodeling or thinking about remodeling their bathrooms. It uncovers some interesting trends.

Getting a new look

Sixty-nine percent of homeowners say their top “pet peeve” before the remodel is an old and outdated look. Nearly 90 percent of those who remodel change the style of their bathroom: 20 percent opt for a modern style, 18 percent for transitional or contemporary and 12 percent for traditional.

White leads color options

White is the most popular color choice across multiple bathroom surfaces, including countertops, walls, showers and vanities. Grays are also popular, as are wood-tone vanities and multi-color countertops.  

Faucets, showers, surfaces are top bathroom trend upgrades

Faucets are the most common feature being upgraded in a bathroom remodel, with 87 percent installing new fixtures. This was followed closely by showers, walls and flooring, all at 83 percent, and lighting (80 percent).

More than half of homeowners remodeling their bathrooms are replacing their countertops, sinks, vanities and toilets.

Tile is the most popular material for bathroom floors, chosen by 59 percent. Eleven percent of homeowners picked vinyl for their bathroom flooring.

Expanding showers

In showers, ceramic or porcelain are the most popular materials for both floors (56 percent) and walls (70 percent). Marble was the only other materials chosen by more than 10 percent of homeowners.

Sixty-nine percent of homeowners are increasing the size of their showers, with 22 percent increasing it by more than 50 percent. This probably shouldn’t be a surprise, as 54 percent of homeowners said long showers help them relax, so adding luxury makes a lot of sense.


Homeowners are looking to add technology everywhere, even in the bathroom. Forty-nine percent are installing faucets with high-tech features, while 34 percent are selecting toilets with integrated tech, such as self-cleaning systems or seat warmers.

Upgraded vanities

Most homeowners (74 percent) are replacing their vanity when they remodel the bathroom. Built-in vanities are the choice of 56 percent of those homeowners, while 28 percent opt for free-standing and 15 percent choose floating vanities.

Shaker is the most popular vanity door style, installed by 46 percent of homeowners. Twenty-seven percent choose flat-panel and 21 percent raised-panel.

Undermount sinks the choice

More than three-quarters of bathroom remodelers are upgrading their sinks. Of those, 68 percent are opting for double sinks. Undermount sinks (65 percent) are easily the most popular style choice, followed by drop-ins (17 percent) and vessel sinks (9 percent).

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