Home Design Trends for 2023

modern kitchen with mixed materials

The last 12 months was a year of trying to get back to “normal” after the pandemic, but also realizing that the way we lived pre-pandemic is no longer the world we live in now. For many of us, our priorities and way of doing things are different. We enjoy staying home and being with our families, and how we use our homes is different.

As we look ahead to the home design trends for 2023, we notice that home trends reflect our need to use our homes for many different purposes – including the need to rest and recharge. Let’s look at the top home design trends we expect to see in 2023.

Multi-purpose room trend with closet converted to home office

Multi-Purpose Rooms

Many of us realize that we don’t necessarily need more space in our homes, we just need to use the space we have more efficiently. For example, instead of having a guest room collect dust most of the year, we can use that space as a home office.

There are a few ways to create a guest room/office combo. One is by removing the unused closet and turning it into an office nook. Another is to save space by installing a murphy bed – yes, they are back in style! Either way, you’ll have some privacy while you work, and it will save you from setting up shop on your dining room table.

Another multipurpose space could be in your kitchen and dining area. Having a space where you can sit down for a quick meal before your work and school days get started is so important.

We like the idea of adding a breakfast nook that can double as a homework station. Plus, the nook can include storage benches where your kids can store their school books, computers, and other supplies they will need without making a mess. 

Kitchen following design trend of dark cabinet fronts with natural stone countertops

Moody Kitchens

If you’re preparing for a kitchen remodel in the new year, the new trends might surprise you. Instead of bright white spaces, kitchens are getting dark and moody. Cabinets in dark greens and grays paired with natural stone counters and backsplashes replace the neutral tones that have been in style for the last decade.

Just because the cabinets and finishes are dark does not mean the entire kitchen space should be too. Your moody kitchen doesn’t need to be gloomy – including as much natural light as possible is a must-do.

Since large windows are also a trend in home design, if we can find a space to install a large window, we want to do so. We also like installing a unique light fixture above your kitchen island. Something more abstract than the typical pendant lights that have been popular.

Clean and Calm Spaces

Creating spaces in your home that allow you to feel calm is so important. It has been proven that clutter has negative impacts on mental health, so including built-in cabinets and storage spaces to help you organize your belongings in a must, regardless of the home remodeling project, you are taking on.

If you’re looking to remodel your home in the new year, we would love to work with you. Together we can create a space that is exactly what you and your family need. Give us a call so we can discuss.

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