How do You Choose New Bathroom Flooring?

tiler laying bathroom flooring

So, you’ve finally found the perfect contractor to remodel your bathroom, or maybe you’re having a home custom built and you’re selecting finishes for your new bathrooms. The choices can be overwhelming. From soaking tubs to custom walk in showers, from faucets to vanities—choices abound. But few decisions will have as much daily impact as your bathroom flooring. Here are five factors to consider when selecting what type of floor to put in your new bathroom:

  • High Traffic Zone: Bathrooms are one of the most heavily used parts of your home; the foot traffic is intense. You need to select a durable finish for your bathroom flooring, something that can withstand the amount of foot traffic in most homes.

  • Water and Humidity: Bathrooms are inherently filled with moisture, from the humidity of a steamy shower, to the inevitable puddles splashed from the tub (or sink) by kids or pets. You’ll need a floor that can withstand daily water exposure.

  • Safety: Most accidents at home occur in bathrooms. With all of the moisture and foot traffic, slips are entirely possible. Choose a flooring option that helps minimize the chance for slip and falls in the bathroom.

  • Comfort: Is the floor unforgiving to stand on? Or are your bathroom tiles icy cold in winter? Consider the comfort of whatever flooring you choose and budget in some radiant heat or cozy (slip-resistant) rugs to remedy discomfort.

  • Maintenance: Those tiny mosaic tiles may be great for slip resistance, but combined with a white grout, they may be a homeowner’s worst nightmare for cleaning. Consider the ease of maintaining your bathroom floors.
wood look tile bathroom flooring in luxury bath
Wood look tiles are a good replacement for wood floors in a wet space like a bathroom

Tile Options for Your New Bathroom

With these considerations in mind, let’s talk tile! Wood floors may be gorgeous in other areas of the home, but not the bathroom. If I had a nickel for every time a homeowner declared they wanted the same wood flooring throughout the entire home—I could afford to replace the wood flooring that would be ruined if I was willing to install it in their bathrooms! Wood and water just do not mix. Warping, cracking, and peeling finishes are not the look you want for your new bathroom. Why not try some wood look tiles instead?

Tile is king in the bathroom, particularly the luxury bathrooms in many remodels and newer homes. Porcelain and ceramic tiles simply make the best bathroom flooring. Consider that you can buy slip resistant tiles that have a textured finish. Slip resistant tiles require a little more elbow grease during the cleaning process, but they provide a bit of a safety, giving your family’s feet a grip on wet bathroom flooring. Slip resistance is especially important for seniors and children. For accessibility in the bathroom, if someone in the home uses a wheelchair or walker, keep to large format tiles, with less grout, for a smoother ride.

Tile is available in a wide array of colors, textures, and styles. Using heated flooring options beneath tile can solve the problem of cold feet during winter. There are less expensive options like vinyl flooring or certain laminate finishes, but tiles are the most waterproof option available for your new bathroom’s flooring.   

bathroom flooring, Armstrong vinyl planks

Luxury Vinyl Options for Your Bathroom Flooring

If tile is not in the budget or you just prefer another flooring texture, consider luxury vinyl, like the Armstrong wood look bathroom flooring in the top photo. Vinyl has come a long way and is another durable option for the bathroom.

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