Laundry Rooms Where You’ll Want to Spend More Time

Laundry room with a storage bench

In most homes, the laundry room tends to be an afterthought, but they don’t have to be.

Would creating a space that felt luxurious and serene while still being practical make your least favorite chore feel a little more doable? It doesn’t matter if your space is large or small, we have some ideas on how to turn your laundry room into an area you are excited to spend time in.

Create a Multi-Use Space

You can combine your laundry room with a mudroom to make your home more organized. A mudroom is a space in the home where you can store jackets, shoes, backpacks, and car keys.

It is usually an extension of where you enter the house. Combining the two necessary spaces makes your home more efficient, and the extra level of organization will make your life easier. 

A bright and orderly laundry room with stackable washer and dryer

Upscale Finishes 

Who says you need cheap white cabinets and cheap floors in your laundry room? Make the space feel more inviting by investing in dark cabinets, tile floors, and high-end lighting and fixtures. You can install a chandelier or trendy decorative light fixture if you want to go all out.

Another way to bring life to the room is to paint the walls a color that will enhance your mood. If you need to feel calm while doing laundry, a blue or green space may help you feel more tranquil.

If you need energy, a bright-colored wall may do the trick. Another option is to install a feature wall with a chic backsplash or fun printed wallpaper. If you find pieces that make you smile or make you feel calm, chances are you will be more inclined to spend time in the laundry room.

Ample Space and Storage

One of the biggest problems many homeowners have with their laundry room is the mess and the clutter.

When designing your laundry room, you should be sure to leave room to hide away supplies like your laundry detergent and cleaning products and look for cleverly hidden drying racks. The key here is to make the space functional while still looking appealing by using decorative containers that help you stay organized while also looking nice.

If your laundry area is short on space, don’t discount your wall space. You can use wall hooks to hang towels and laundry bags. You can add shelves in your laundry room to help with organization and storage. This is also a great way to keep items out of reach of young kids.

Bright open laundry room with a farmhouse sink and lots of counterspace

Install a Sink

Sinks come in various sizes and prices, so as long as your space has the necessary plumbing, a sink should be an addition to any laundry space.

A sink adds convenience to a laundry room, especially if you combine the space with a mudroom. A laundry room sink will allow you to presoak clothing items that need it or immediately wash hands or dirty items upon entering the home.

If you’d like to see how we can transform your laundry space into a functional and enjoyable part of your home, just give us a call. You’ll be amazed at what a more organized and luxurious laundry room will do to your productivity levels and overall mood. 

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