Planning a Bathroom Remodel?: Select Your New Tub

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Planning a bathroom remodel? There are so many decisions that go into bathroom remodeling projects. Consider how tubs have become a statement piece in many luxury bathrooms. You want to consider your tub choice carefully; it is not an item you will be in a hurry to replace due to its size and price tag.

Currently, the most popular bathroom layout has a separate shower and tub. In spa-like bathrooms, having a separate tub makes sense. Who wants to scrub out the bathtub before taking a relaxing bath?

Before you decide what kind of tub suits your needs, consider the size of your hot water heater. Can it keep up with the demands to fill a huge soaking tub? What about your bathroom floor? Can it withstand the weight of a full cast iron tub? Where are the plumbing and drains located? If these questions leave you stumped, maybe you need to contact a professional builder or remodeler to help with your remodel?

Selecting the Material for Your Tub


The least expensive material for bathtubs, fiberglass, is also fairly light weight. Although these tubs are easy to install and can be repaired if damages occur (they are prone to cracks and scratches), they have a flimsy look and feel that can make them less appealing.   


Kohler acrylic tub
Kohler has acrylic tubs meeting the luxury standards for bathroom remodels.

Depending on your preferences and the amount of space you have, there are a variety of installation methods for bathtubs. For those who love to have a ledge around their tubs, drop-in tubs are one-piece dropped into place within a deck or surround. Another type of drop-in tub is a sunken tub installed at floor level, or under mounted.

Acrylic is very similar to fiberglass because it is comprised of fiberglass sheets coated in acrylic, but the cost of acrylic is higher. There are many color options available for acrylic tubs, but as with fiberglass, they can fade or crack over time, and they lack the expensive-looking quality of many other types of tubs.

Cast Iron

Enameled cast iron or steel tubs are sturdy and classic for spa-like bathrooms. Among the most expensive tub materials, cast iron tubs can also be difficult to install due to their weight. Your floor may need reinforcement before it can support the weight of a filled cast iron tub. But your bath will stay warmer longer in cast iron, and your tub will likely never need replacing.

Stone Composites

Composite, or solid surface, tubs are made from polymer and various types of stone, like marble, onyx, or granite. These tubs are fairly durable, and they come in a wide range of shapes and colors. They are easy to maintain, but the price point is quite high. Gels coating the surface of the tub can eventually break down and the material can crack.


Native Trails copper tun

Copper is beautiful and possesses inherent antibacterial qualities. It is a little rare to see copper used for a bathtub, but it has a unique, timeless appearance. Although copper is expensive, it requires almost no maintenance and will last for a lifetime.   


A handmade wood tub is striking in its look but requires a lot of maintenance. Although these tubs can be quite expensive, they will likely not last forever, even with proper care. 

Selecting the Installation Method for Your Tub

bathroom remodel, chandelier and cast iron tub

For smaller spaces, or tubs combined with showers, alcove tubs are surrounded by three walls.

Corner tubs are another type that are great for saving space; the side of the tub facing the room can be round, flat, or angled.

Freestanding soaking tubs and clawfoot tubs are luxurious and on-trend. Soaking tubs are made for sitting so they are deeper than most tubs. Tub-fillers or faucet fixtures can be mounted into the floor separately or part of the tub. With no walls nearby, freestanding tubs make a gorgeous statement piece in a new bathroom.

To read about ways to transform a dated bathroom into a luxury space, visit here. If you are wondering about accessibility in the bathroom, learn more here. When you hire COD Home Services, LLC., to remodel your bathroom, we help you find the best fixtures and materials for the remodel of your dreams. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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