Want to Try Something Trendy in Your Home?

Is your house looking a bit dated, but you aren’t up for a complete renovation? We understand! Major renovations can turn your home into a construction zone for months, which is not always ideal.

However, there are some improvements you can make to your home to make it feel a little more modern. No, we aren’t talking about getting a new rug or throw pillows – although those items can help. Let’s look at trendy upgrades you can do to make your home feel more modern.

Trendy kitchen with reclaimed wood backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash

We spend so much time in the kitchen between cooking meals and entertaining guests. While the main fixtures in kitchens, like cabinets and countertops, haven’t changed too drastically in the last decade, more minor finishes like the backsplash have.

Natural stone with a splash of “bling,” or colorful glass tiles, was all the rage, as was a large tile mosaic configuration above the stove. Fortunately, backsplashes can easily be removed and replaced.

Today’s trend is creating texture by using materials that may not immediately scream “backsplash.” Some examples are reclaimed wood, beadboard, and painted glass. If you’d rather play it a little safer, marble or glossy ceramic subway tiles are great options.

Powder Room

Floral wallpaper in a powder room with unique flat sink is on trend

If you want a super trendy space, there is no better place than the powder room. Since it is a smaller space that is closed off from the rest of the home, you can easily design a stylish room without it looking out of place with the rest of your home.

Some powder room trends we love are floor-to-ceiling tiles in a bright, bold color paired with an exposed wood vanity and antique mirror. We also like using floral wallpaper in the powder room with an antique table in place of a vanity.

To complete this vintage glam powder room, you could install a square marble sink and a large oval mirror. 

Dark blue walls make this home office/gym the perfect room for the latest trends

Dress Up Your Walls

Accent walls used to be a great way to add personality and style to a space. They were a way to add texture and color to an area by using materials like shiplap or brick veneer. Now, accent walls are fading out, and we’re extending the dressed-up wall to encompass the entire room.

Lots of color and texture may sound overwhelming, especially since neutral colors have been prevalent in homes for years. Fear not – home trends of 2023 include color and texture, lots of it.

Dark, moody colors like forest green, midnight blue, and plum paired with natural stone or wood accents are especially popular, so using these colors to dress up your walls will make your space look incredibly trendy. Would you like to create a more trendy space? Give us a call so we can create a customized plan to make your home look more modern.

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