Where should you put your laundry room?

Laundry Room on second floor

Laundry might be everybody’s least favorite chore, but it’s one of the most necessary. Unless you have an endless supply of clothes, you probably have to do at least one load of laundry every week.

Even though laundry takes up a ton of time, the space where you do your laundry is often one of the most overlooked spaces in the home.

If you’re trying to create a space in your home that makes the chore of doing laundry more efficient and maybe even a little bit pleasant, we have come up with some of the pros and cons of using various spaces in your home.

Let’s take a look!

Laundry on the Main Floor

Many homes have a laundry room on the home’s main floor in a nice, central location. This room is often close to the kitchen, which means you can easily fold laundry while you’re waiting for your meal to heat up – nothing like double-tasking chores!

A main floor laundry area can be great for homes with a main floor master suite to allow you to easily haul your clothes and towels to the laundry room.

The downside of the main floor laundry room is that you will have to carry laundry up and down the stairs, which is exhausting. With a main floor laundry, you may still want to have an upstairs sorting and folding station closer to the bedrooms, which takes up more space.

A Second Floor Laundry Room

If carrying laundry up and down the stairs sounds unbearable, finding a space upstairs will be something you should consider. Having a separate area that contains your washer and dryer and a space to fold or iron your clothes and is also close to the bedrooms will make doing laundry so much easier. 

On the other hand, some homes were not built with an upstairs laundry room in mind. This means you may have to convert a bedroom or additional flex space into a laundry room which takes away from the livable space in your home.

However, you could always decorate your laundry room in a fun, cheerful manner so the room feels like it belongs.

Laundry room and mudroom combination

Laundry Room / Mudroom Combo

The mudroom is an area in the home that is gaining popularity. This is a catch-all space usually near the home’s entrance that can contain storage, a washer and dryer, and a spot for things like kid’s backpacks, your car keys, etc.

Mudrooms are usually out of the way of the rest of the house. Since this is a designated space for all of the extras, it doesn’t feel like a waste of space.

Just remember, whatever area in your home you decide to designate as the laundry room, we are here to help. You spend a lot of time sorting and folding, so why not do it in a space that makes you feel good?

Whenever you are ready to remodel your home, give us a call so we can put together some ideas!

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