Go Crazy With Your Half Bath Style

Bright bathroom tile over vanity and sink

If there’s a space in your house where it’s encouraged to take some design chances, it’s in your half bath.

The half bath is used frequently but usually tucked away in a corner of the home. This means that you have more freedom to design your bathroom in a way that might seem too bold on a larger scale. If you’re ready to take a risk, we have some ideas for you!

Flashy Tile

Bright and bold tile is made for the half bath. It can be used for flooring, a backsplash, or an entire wall.

We can install dark, moody ceramic planks to create a modern aesthetic. Another option would be to install small colorful mosaic tiles behind your sink to add a bright pop of color to the space. Whatever tile you choose will be sure to add a ton of personality to your bathroom.

Mirror Mirror

Instead of the standard builder-grade mirror that gets stuck on the wall as an afterthought, make the mirror the focal point of your half bath.

Find a charming antique mirror with tons of character to be the centerpiece of your half bath. If you prefer something newer, you can find framed mirrors, circular or rectangular, which will be a great item to model the rest of the space.

Don’t be afraid to go big either, since the half bath tends to be a smaller room, a large mirror will add a little bit of light and make the space seem bigger.

Half bath with stylish shell design sink and furniture style vanity

Extraordinary Sink And Vanity

Don’t settle for the standard bathroom vanity and sink combo for your half bath. Instead, do something out of the ordinary.

We like to pair a sink and vanity combination that you wouldn’t think works together but somehow do. A live-edged wooden table with a metal bowl sink on top is something that is trendy and also low maintenance.

You could also do a metal cabinet with a stainless steel sink. If you’re looking for a more luxurious feel, you could get a floating marble table with a clear glass sink.

There are so many unique options that will make this bathroom look interesting and also spark a lot of conversation. The combinations are endless, be creative.

Over the Top Lighting

Adding a show-stopping light fixture is an easy way to bring drama and dimension to your powder room.

We love hanging sconces from the wall or chandeliers from the ceiling as an alternative to the regular lights above the mirror set up. Another popular trend is to install two sconces on either side of the mirror. 

Bold Color in Your Half Bath

No colors are off-limits in the half bath. Paint the walls bright blue. Install a hot pink vanity. Geometric patterned wallpaper is a great option too! Again, don’t be afraid to go outside of your ordinary design preference in the half bath – just have fun!

Whatever direction you choose, C.O.D. Home Services is here to bring your half bath design ideas to life. Give us a call to see what we can come up with!

Tall narrow pendant light in half bath

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