Minimalist Kitchen Design for Functionality

marble counter, minalist kitchen design

One of the latest trends in interior design is minimalist kitchen design. Not only are streamlined kitchens attractive to millennials, but they are also often preferred by retirees. Convenient, simply appointed, and low-maintenance rooms have universal appeal. The more technology we have access to, the more we grow accustomed to simplifying our lives and the daily processes of living. People are busier than ever before. Who has the time to maintain and clean a kitchen filled with countertop clutter and ornate moldings? Why not take advantage of some of the common sense solutions available in today’s designs?

minimalist kitchen design, stone island
This island by Silestone is gorgeous, and it lacks moldings and seams to clean!

Ergonomic Benefits of Minimalist Kitchen Design

Rather than keeping everyday dishware and accessories in hard-to-reach cabinets, the newest designs have specialized below-counter cabinets for reachability. See our blog on storage cabinetry for the kitchen for more ideas. A lack of upper cabinets is a popular choice, and floating shelves make a great addition. Where traditional style kitchens would normally have a bulky upper cabinet for storage, minimalist kitchens have shelves of beautiful items to showcase on open shelving. To keep countertops clear, appliance garages keep small appliances stowed out of sight, with hidden outlets!

Tucked-Away Tech

minimalist kitchen design black and white

Charging drawers conceal your tech while it charges. Islands should be accessible to plentiful plugs for laptops, phones, or tablets, with space to work during meal prep. There are Smart capabilities for your consideration, like water flow technology, and app connectivity with certain new appliances. New and efficient cooktops, particularly induction cooktops, are widely used due to their low maintenance qualities.

Clean Lines: Seamless Cabinets and Countertops

Clean lines on the cabinets and countertops, and eschewing moldings and hardware, are becoming more popular. Matte finish cabinetry in dark colors provides an option for lower maintenance cabinetry. This new trend in kitchen design is meant to make the kitchen a more universal gathering space and work area. With everything neatly tucked away in its own spot, the kitchen does not even resemble a kitchen.

We Ask the Right Questions Before We Start Your Remodeling Project!

At C.O.D. Home Services, LLC., we take our clients’ habits and preferences into consideration before we begin designing your remodeled or custom home. Decide which type of layout suits your family best by reading our blog on choosing a kitchen layout. Check out some of the questions on our Lifestyle Questionnaire. Are you ready to incorporate some of the user-friendly features described above into your own kitchen design project? Contact us today to get started.

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