Remodeling? Select Cabinets that Streamline Your Kitchen

swing-out stand mixer cabinet by Showplace Cabinetry

If you had a dedicated space for everything in your home, finding what you need would stop being a problem altogether. Are you constantly misplacing items in your kitchen? Do you have small appliances, like a mixer, camping out on your countertops for far too long? When it comes to streamlining your home, organizing your kitchen can be a major annoyance. Here are some custom storage options to consider when updating your home’s kitchen cabinetry.

double-layer, deep drawer storage by Showplace Cabinetry

Upright Storage for Ergonomics

Are you using the shallow drawer beneath your oven to store cookie sheets, resulting in a struggle to find what you’re looking for? A dedicated tray drawer or cabinet may be an ideal solution. Tray dividers create convenient standing storage for pizza pans, cutting boards, and trays. Roll out tray storage is another available solution.

Not only does roll out storage maximize space, but it also saves you from crouching down. The convenience of storing trays upright protects them from scratches and prevents the avalanches often occurring in cabinets where pots and pans are stored haphazardly.

Better Food Storage Equals Less Waste

Rather than wasting square footage on a pantry, many custom kitchens include specialized storage for pantry items, like canned goods. A walk-in pantry often becomes a virtual graveyard of expired food due to overlooking items until they spoil. The newest kitchen cabinetry designs help eliminate some unnecessary food waste; for example, a pantry cabinet with revolving shelves is perfect because you can spin the shelf to look at the items in the back—an ingenious feature.

Beautiful, Reachable, and Functional Cabinets

From roll out spice racks, to specialized cabinetry, and reachable deep-drawer storage. Keeping your kitchen organized efficiently has never been easier or more attractive. Why not have a swing out, shelf where you can tuck away your bulky mixer?  A tall roll-out for storing olive oils and sauces is useful. What about a narrow, tilt-out, drawer lined with stainless steel for your kitchen sponge and scrub brushes? Narrow roll-out and tilt-out storage uses spaces that may have been wasted in older kitchens.

Under counter storage, blue cabinetry by Showplace cabinetry
We are a proud dealer of Showplace Cabinetry cabinets. Showplace offers beautiful, high quality cabinetry with exceptional organizational solutions.

When considering new cabinetry during a remodel, there are boundless storage solutions to make life easier and keep your counters free of clutter so that waste is minimized, and your kitchen workspace is as usable and pleasing to the eye as possible. To learn more about ways to streamline your kitchen’s functionality and choosing the best design for your household, read our blogs on minimalist kitchens and kitchen layouts. Considering a kitchen remodel? Contact C.O.D. Home Services, LLC. today to schedule your free consultation!  

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