Expect to See These Remodeling Trends in 2021

As we head into 2021, there are several remodeling trends you can expect to see. From new colors to changing material choices, these will affect how we all use our homes moving forward.

The C.O.D. Home Services team works hard throughout the year to keep up to date with the latest information from architects, interior designers, color forecasters and other experts. While many of these shifts have been years in the making, COVID-19 has only accelerated many of them.

From what we are seeing here locally to what national experts are saying, expect these to be some of the most significant remodeling trends this year.

Working and learning at home

As COVID-19 spread last year, many of us found our homes turning into offices and classrooms. While the hope is that 2021 will see a gradual return to normalcy, 2020 did show us the importance of flexibility in our homes.

Small but functional home offices will continue to be a trend in 2021
More of us are working and learning at home

The key is to remodel with flexibility in mind – creating adaptable spaces that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, consider if you have a large open floor plan. By using features such as French Doors we can create a flexible space. They provide multiple private spaces when necessary, but shared space when desired.

We wrote about the pros and cons of an Open Concept last year.

The pandemic is also having many homeowners refocusing on functionality. Yes, our homes have to look good, but they also have to work for the way we live. Previously wasted areas like the space under the stairs can become storage or reading nooks. Speaking of storage, additional storage has also become an important remodeling trend as many people stocked up on food, toilet paper and other necessities in 2020.

Multipurpose kitchens

When it comes to functionality, the kitchen is one of the areas most in need of an upgrade in most homes. While spending more time at home last year, many homeowners discovered their rooms weren’t up to snuff.

The increased demand for home cooking and family meal times is leading many families to rethink their kitchens.

Kitchens can be redesigned for ergonomics and accessibility to make them more usable. Features such as pull-out spice racks, touchless faucets and more seating for family meals are all growing in popularity.

Kitchen with lots of storage hidden behind cabinet doors and in drawers.
Additional kitchen storage is always a need

We’re seeing demand for more counterspace and larger islands, not only for cooking and preparing food, but also for performing double-duty as workspaces.

More time at home means more space

Even before the coronavirus came into our lives, there was a trend toward multiple generations of families staying together longer. Three generations under one roof is becoming more common, as aging parents move in with their children rather than move to a retirement or assisted living community. At the same time, the last decade has seen increasing numbers of children move back home, at least for a short while, while starting their careers. Toss in college students learning at home instead of on campus for good measure.

These long- and short-term remodeling trends all point to demand for additional space in the home to meet the needs of the entire family. In some cases this is an addition, but it can also be a rethinking and redesigning of the existing space to add a master suite on the main floor, for instance, or a basement apartment with a private entrance.

Calming colors

Among leading paint companies and color forecasters there is a definite trend this year toward earth tones and comfort for 2021.

That means subdued colors with names like Satin Paprika, Brown Sugar Beige, and Maple Leaf. Color collections that include a lot of yellows, greens, browns and off-whites are the rule for 2021. According to the designers, the colors are engineered to be soothing, gentle options that provide a feeling of calm, well-being and hopeful optimism for the coming year.

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