Transforming a Dated Bathroom into a Luxury Bathroom

luxury bathroom double vanity

Whether your bathroom has a dysfunctional layout, or it is just outdated and needs a new look, luxury bathroom remodels are a coveted remodeling project among homeowners. Not only are bathroom remodels popular, but they also bring significant happiness and satisfaction according to the National Association of Realtors 2019 Remodeling Impact Report. Bathroom remodels scored a 9.6 out of 10 in the NAR’s “Joy score,” second only to kitchens, in 2019. Think about the inconveniences of a badly designed or functioning bathroom and consider that it’s a space used daily. Taking away the frustrations of an outdated space and bringing in luxurious elements has a big impact on your lifestyle.

Current Luxury Bathroom Trends

  • The latest trends in luxury bathrooms include simple tiles in neutral colors. Subway tile is coming back to the forefront for next year. Elaborate and colorful tiles are going to be less sought after in 2020. Tile for the floors can be the perfect touch, and easily modified to use radiant heat. Marble is another timeless and luxurious material for bathroom flooring.
  • Creating a custom, walk-in, tile shower is one popular way to ensure that your day-to-day routine will be enjoyable. The glass doors on showers can be enhanced with dramatic hardware, including shower heads and shower door tracks, with matching towel racks and other fixtures or hardware. The latest trends for bathroom hardware are matte, metal, oil-rubbed, or brushed finishes in nickel, black, bronze, gold, or brass.  
Luxury bathroom with lots of cabinets, soaking tub
  • If there is space for a freestanding tub, this can also be a key element in your luxury bathroom remodel. Separate tub-fillers give you another opportunity to highlight beautiful hardware against a minimalist backdrop of neutral tiles. For a glimpse at tub selections, read our blog on bathtub selection.
  • Dramatic lighting in the bathroom is also trending in luxury bathrooms. Some of the most popular selections for natural lighting are adding windows, skylights, or glass blocking. Using statement pieces, like chandeliers or vertical sconces, is another choice. There is always the classic track lighting, but the newest trending statement light fixtures are sleek and minimalist.
Custom storage in bathroom cabinet, open
Showplace Cabinetry has storage options to streamline your routine.
  • Custom storage is essential in your luxury bathroom. Having plentiful storage for specific items helps reduce countertop clutter and preserve a minimalist, spa-like aesthetic. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips, and options like drawers for heated styling tools are helpful extras that help keep your counters clear. Larger cabinets can be used as linen closets.
luxury bathroom with wallpaper
  • Beautiful vanities are an absolute necessity. Cabinets in lighter finishes are popular for contemporary spaces, but traditional wood, black, or matte finishes are also on trend. The look many homeowners are trying to achieve is similar to the look of an extravagant hotel or spa. These spaces are both beautiful and functional, so their appeal is fairly universal.
  • Maybe you need to remodel your bathroom to include accessibility features? Universal Design has become so highly sought that choosing to include features for accessibility does not mean you have to sacrifice style. To learn more about the possibilities with accessible bathroom design, see our blog on accessible bathrooms.

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