Custom Storage for Your New Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom wall of custom storage, white cabinets, vanity

No need to get defensive: we all do it. We tend to scatter our toiletry and self-care items around our bathrooms in the rush to get ready in the mornings, or in the exhaustion of late evening. The common denominator here may not only be our busy lives, but also a lack of places to put items away out of sight.  

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project you may have picked out the perfect flooring, countertop, and shower materials already. How long will your bathroom stay picture perfect if you aren’t able to keep it organized? The latest luxury bathrooms are filled with custom storage options so your beautiful new granite countertop, and bespoke tiled shower, can remain relatively clutter free.

Let’s Talk Linens and Their Proper Storage

bathroom double vanity, dark cabinets, custom storage for linens, closed
bathroom double vanity, dark cabinets, custom storage for linens, open

A linen closet can become a catch-all, but if you’re lucky enough to have one in your bathroom, it is wonderful to store towels, washcloths, and bedding without cluttering it up with products you will likely forget about. Giving your linens a dedicated home leads to ease in putting them away. Not only will your bathroom appear less crowded, but your overflowing laundry basket—the one full of unfolded towels—will become a relic of the past.

Many older homes do not have a linen closet. You can either have your contractor build one for you, or take advantage of some of the lovely, furniture-quality, cabinetry currently available for custom storage. For a touch of privacy, consider adding a counter cabinet in between double sinks, which is a handy space for storing towels and washcloths.

You’re So Vain…I Bet You Think This Custom Storage Is for You

Have a vanity added with double sinks, if you have the space. Multiple sinks afford you more designated places to store personal care products. Also, if you live with someone who is less than committed to keeping things organized, you can maintain your own personal oasis of cleanliness. Consider a floating vanity or vanity flush with the floor: these options make cleaning the floor less of a headache.

bathroom double vanity white cabinets

Vanity storage is key and adding a seated makeup vanity is another feature that, although it requires space, allows for a routine that lets you luxuriate in your beautiful new bathroom. Custom storage, like drawers with dividers, hold your makeup and give you easy access to cosmetics, while heated hair styling implements can be stored in special heat-proof drawers or placed in convenient holsters attached to cabinet door once they cool.

Enjoy a Relaxing—and Tidy—Bath

There are other innovative storage solutions available for your remodeled bathroom. If you have a tub that is inserted into a deck, why not have drawers installed? Not only will you use space that is otherwise wasted, but you will also have an excuse to buy your favorite bath bombs, bubble baths, and other spa-like products without cluttering the tub’s ledge.

Savvy Organization for the Long Haul

Getting a unique tile shower built? Why not install a large bench or have alcoves made at just the right height for storage? Like quality cabinetry, these custom storage touches are more permanent and easier to clean than the numerous baskets, stand-alone shelves, or other temporary items you have already tried in your space. Items kept in the bathroom are not immune to any moisture that may be present, so they may deteriorate faster if they are plastic, wicker, or other less durable materials.  

bathroom with maple storage cabinetry
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Are you ready to plan your remodeled bathroom? Check out our blogs on luxury bathrooms, tub selection, and Universal Design in bathrooms. Then consider adding some of the options above so that you, and your family, can keep it organized. After all, what is the point of selecting all of those attractive materials and then covering them up with clutter? A lived-in home does not have to be a crowded space with storage options like this available. Contact us today if you are ready to get started on your custom home building or remodeling project!

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