5 Reasons You May Be Ready for a Remodeled Kitchen

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If you spend any time watching HGTV, then you probably realize how completely a remodeled kitchen seems to mesmerize homeowners and audiences alike. If you struggle with counter space or storage in your kitchen, seeing a minimalist style kitchen with clear counters and tons of clever cabinets for storage may make you a little jealous. Or motivated for change.

Have you stopped cooking as much as you used to because of a dysfunctional kitchen? Poor lighting, broken appliances, shallow sinks, or layouts that have you closed off from the rest of the home are all reasons homeowners do not want to spend time in the kitchen.

A Remodeled Kitchen Has Solutions for Your Problems

Appliance nooks by Showplace Cabinetry
  • Inadequate Storage

    • Appliance garages are one way to keep your countertops free of clutter in the kitchen.
    • Pantry walls or cabinets help store food out of sight but allow organization. Many pantry walls or pantry pullout cabinets give you access to the entire shelf, from the front to the back, so that food does not get lost and go stale.
    • New cabinetry has customizable features, leading to a high level of organization and letting you know where everything is at any given moment. Finding that specific small utensil, and then putting it away properly, becomes a breeze.

  • Dim Lighting

    • If you are lucky enough to have natural light flooding into your kitchen, that’s wonderful!
    • Proper lighting can be a safety issue: consider getting toe kick lighting and under cabinet lighting as the counter and cabinets can be a source of injury when not properly lit.

  • Broken, Out of Date Appliances

    • Maybe your appliances are just plain broken and need total replacement, but there are lots of reasons why technically functioning appliances can be an annoyance…
    • Ugly appliances can bring your kitchen’s aesthetic down. Maybe your appliances are wildly out of style, or they are worn or cosmetically damaged. Replacing them with something new can give your kitchen a lift.
    • Appliances have come a long way; from induction ranges, to high tech dishwashers, to Smart kitchens with integrated appliances—if you’re ready for tech in the kitchen, now is a wonderful time to get on the bandwagon.
  • Uncomfortable Layout

    • One reason for not wanting to spend time in your kitchen is the crayon artwork all over your living room wall. For parents with young kids, having the kitchen relegated to a closed off corner of the home is dysfunctional. Unsupervised toddlers can wreak havoc and meanwhile, your food is burning. An open concept kitchen can be an ideal solution.
    • Depending on your family size, a U-shaped kitchen may work best for you, especially if you have multiple family members who like to cook at the same time.
    • If you love giving parties, or your family always congregates in the kitchen, an L-shaped layout will probably work best for your kitchen.

  • Dated and Worn Features

    • Cracked tile or peeling linoleum flooring is a sure sign it’s time for a new kitchen.
    • Sagging cabinet doors, broken or missing hardware, or out of style finishes can go.
    • Dated backsplashes, old electric stoves with coils, and chipped countertops need replacing.
    • Leaky faucets, ugly moldings around cabinets, and dated wallpaper can be trashed.

If you’re ready to get started on making your newly remodeled kitchen a reality, contact C.O.D. Home Services, LLC today! We can help solve issues with your current kitchen and build a welcoming space for cooking, dining, family time, and entertaining.

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